21 Jan 2011

Size of Team

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We are frequently asked about the size of our team.  This year we have 10 players on our roster.  We have had as many as 12 and as few as 6 over the past four years.  We feel that the ideal size of the team is 8-10 golfers.

The 2010-2011 Washington Husky Men's Golf Team, Choo is missing from the picture.

As a coaching staff we are very hands-on with the players.  When there are more than 10 players on the team it can be difficult with two full-time coaches to meet the individual needs of everyone.

Coach Thurmond talking with Charlie Hughes during a tournament round

It is important that all of the guys on the team are comfortable working with the coaching staff.  As coaches we control the size of the team and hope that we can work together to help everyone on the team realize their potential.

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