5 May 2011

Jens Bracht

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Jens Bracht is a Junior from Lake Forest Park Washington.  As a freshman he played on the 2009 Pac-10 Championship team at Seattle Golf Club.  He brings a vibrant personality to the team.  Jens is a very explosive golfer.  He consistently hits his driver over 330 yards.  We asked Jens a few questions and these were his responses.

Jens hitting out of a waste area at Washington National

What is the best shot you have ever hit in a tournament? At the Husky Invitational my freshman year, 2008, I made a hole-in-one on the 240 yard par three 12th hole.  I hit a two iron that landed on the green and rolled into the hole like a putt.

What is your favorite thing to practice in golf, and why? The best rounds are the ones where you make a lot of putts, so I like to practice my putting.  Right now I am starting to hit my driver really well, so it is also fun to hit a lot of drivers from the back of the range at Washington National.

What was your most nervous moment in golf? I have never been as nervous as I was on the first tee at the Husky Invitational my freshman year.  I had a great tournament that week so maybe I need to try and be that nervous more often.

Jens hitting from an awkward lie during the Prestige

When did you begin golfing and who introduced you to the game? Growing up I always played golf with my dad.  I had a club in my hand when I was around three years old, but I did not start playing in tournaments until I was around 10.

Who on the PGA Tour would you say your game resembles the most? I would say because of my length you could compare me to Dustin Johnson.  He might have a better short game, but I am working on mine to get close to his level.

Jens on top of the mountain peak we climbed after the Prestige at PGA West

What would you be doing if you were not playing golf? I really like to work out using the Crossfit strength and conditioning program.  I am thinking about joining one of their gyms to work on my mental and physical toughness.

Jens is a great guy and is an amazing physical specimen.  He is currently in training to run a 50 kilometer race.  Hopefully he has a great experience in the race and enjoys the benefits of the hard work he has put into the preparations for the event.  Jens is a difference maker on our team and a lot of fun to have around.  In 2009 he played a key role in our post-season success, and we will need him to contribute to our future success.

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