19 Nov 2011

Dirty Mike Upsets Wiffle World

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Every few years there are upsets in sport that cannot be explained.   Francis Ouimet winning the 1913 US Open, the ‘Miracle on Ice’ in 1980, Gordon Bombey leading the Mighty Ducks to their championships are examples of sport that just cannot be explained.  Add ‘Dirty Mike and the Boy’s’ to this list as last night they upset the Baby Nuggs and the rest of the field in Wiffle Series 2011.

"Dirty Mike and the Boys" took home the coveted Gold Bat with a 9-6 victory over the "Baby Nuggs"

Competition was fierce all night at Dempsey Indoor Field known as the Fenway Park of Wiffle Ball.  After round robin play three teams were tied with 2-1 records, the only team eliminated being the “Big Test Icicles” and Manger Larry Iverson. “We got some brutal calls and really got caught up in the emotion of the event,” said Iverson. “We are better than that and we demand a rematch.”

Big Test Icicles' player Larry Iverson covers his face from reporters after their final loss

The playoff to reach the Championship featured some fantastic individual play. Matt ‘Cecil” Thurmond was a big bat for the 37′s but an injury to crafty veteran Scott Alexander curtailed their Championship drive. They came up one victory short of the final. “We don’t have anyone to blame but Ty Chambers today.  His team was a thorn in our side, I can’t believe we are related,” says 37′s Gerrit Chambers, brother to MVP Ty Chambers.

"Salutaions" given to "Cecil" Thurmond as he touches home, one of his 7 blasts of the night.

But the story of the night was ‘Dirty Mike and the Boys.’  A team of late round draft picks pulled off one of the greatest upsets in the history of history, beating the favored “Baby Nuggs.” Dressed in their famous ‘Pinstriped Depends,’ the Nuggs offense struggled in the Championship.  “After his goldfish died last week and he stubbed his toe getting on the Eliptical cardio  machine, I really feel he (Dirty Mike, aka Ty Chambers) deserved something to go right for him.”

The Baby Nuggs were plagued by 'saggy diapers' on offense all night

Holding their Gold Bat high, Dirty Mike and the Boys celebrated openly with the joy of a young school girl going to ‘Harry Potter.’ “After stubbing my toe on the Eliptical machine Wednesday I thought I was never going to play again but I have been vindicated,” said skipper Ty Chambers. “We are the champions, my friends and I, we just kept on fighting until the end,” said Trevor Simsby who won the Most Valuable Pitcher.

Congratulations to ‘Dirty Mike and the Boys’ and the entire team on a great night at Wiffle Series 2011


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    You should sell quite a book… we were laughing so hard – the diapers brought tears. Congrats MVP’s!n

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